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Isoquants Slope Downwards

The equal product curves or Isoquants slope downwards from left to right, i.e. they have a negative slope. This is so because an isoquant represents a given level of production with various combinations of two factors, viz. K and L. the production level would remain same only if one factor, say K is increased, and the other factor, viz. L is reduced. This would give a downward sloping shape to the isoquant. Had the isoquant been upward rising or horizontal, the production level would not have remained the same. For example, if the isoquant had a shape like the one , then production at both A and B should be the same. But this is illogical because at point B, we use more of both K and L, and thus production must be higher. Similarly, with a horizontal isoquant, the production at B shall be more as we use more of L with the same amount of K. hence, A and B cannot be on the same isoquant. The only logical shape of isoquant is where production level at both the points A and B is the same because at A we use more of K. and less of L while at B we use more of L and correspondingly a lesser quantity of K. hence, the Isoquants must be downward sloping curves or that they have a negative slope.

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