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The term political economics fits began to be used in the year 1615 in France with the publication of the book by Antoine de Montchrétien, Traité de l’economie politique.

The term political economics deals with the interdisciplinary approach to study economy by analyzing the economic variables through the eyes of a political science scholar. Economics when it began to be studied was studied from the perspective of political analysts. Later it broke its route across and curved the road to create an identity far distinct from that of political perspectives. Later those variables that defined and examined the role and relevance of political forces in the economic policies began to be regarded as a sub-school of economic study by the name of political economics.

Some of the experts to have contributed extensively to the discipline have been Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and social theorist Karl Marx to name a few. In the contemporary times and economic conditions the subject is of strategic importance. Recent theorists have tried to model the economic policies as per the political relations existing among nations and the political business cycles that the country is passing through that remains unpredictable at given point in time.

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