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Eviews is popular statistical package of economic structural modeling. It is helpful in analyzing, evaluating and forecasting the relationship and the interplay between the variables under study. The full form of the term is econometric views. The unique feature of this package is its application in time series based analysis and modeling of structured economic problems. It was released from the first time in the year 1994 created and launched by Quantitative Micro Software (QMS). Eviews can be used to analyze panel data as well as cross sectional data analysis for forecasting the results in a time series based equation. The software works on a spreadsheet mode and therefore for input and output it is compatible with MS Excel, SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science), Sata, Rats (Regression Analysis of Time Series) and TSP (Time Series Processor) among some of the other statistical packages.

One of the pioneers in econometric modeling using Eviews is Prof. Jean Louis Brillet. He has promoted Eviews as a strong engine of structural modeling for defining and explaining the real life econometric problems. He has successfully designed a number of Statistical models for the explanation of the cause and effect relation between the various economic variables.

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