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The study of developmental economics deals with that branch of economics which analyses the economic implications of the developmental processes in the less developed economies. The focus of study of developmental economics is the analysis of factors that foster the economic development and the infrastructural innovations along with the overall social elevation through the changes in the areas of health, education, and lifestyles.

Developmental economics consists of the creation of the policy framework, the theories the methods and procedures that help in the implementation in the domestic as well as the international levels. Developmental projects are analyzed with the help of mathematical models like the inter- temporal optimization model . It also at times analyses the developmental projects with the help of methods that are a mixture of qualitative and the quantitative methods. The role of socio-political issues in developmental project theory formulation is profound. The scope of study with the developmental economic parameter is profound and not limited to certain issues, as students of developmental economics the interplay between political science, history, anthropology and sociology are also of critical importance. The analyses of factors that contribute to economic congruence are also to be deeply analyzed in such studies.

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